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 What Is A QR Code & How Does It Work? 

QR stands for “Quick Reference” Invented in Japan they have been prevalent now for the last 7 years in Europe. They are used for a variety of applications. “We Felt Compelled To Be The First ID Company In The World To Offer To Our Clients.” This technology has seen frequent use in Japan and South Korea. The UK is the seventh-largest national consumer of QR codes. Created by Toyota subsidiary Denso Wave in 1994, the QR code is one of the most popular types of two-dimensional bar codes in the world. The QR code was designed to allow its contents to be decoded at high speed. This SportsTaGID QR  ID Best suited for Promotional ID.

NOT Intended For Emergency Identification or my id identification. 

The Main reason never to use QR for ID Identification is very simple. Considering most people will not have QR reader accessible in time of need for emergency Identification. If they do the time to load the app for the Qr to scan the bar code providing they see the QR ID on your bracelet can waste life saving minutes.

Paramedics are not trained and DO NOT carry QR ID Scanners.

Being able to read clearly engraved data seen on all our SportsTagID It’s My ID Bracelets is your best reassurance for emergency identification. NEVER RELY on QR for Emergency ID.

Keep in mind that at QR code can only be read clearly and quickly in ideal conditions and are greatly affected by daylight. More importantly QR engraving should not be in contact with skin or perspiration which can affect scanning ability.  QR ID is ideal as a promotional product to Show Your Web Address or Email On a QR Code. 

An Exceptional Promotional Product

That being said it does serve many purposes. For Facebook users, Linked-in, Event ID,Corporate, Promotional products/services, i-phone attics and technology freaks. Its a huge buzz and works quite well as an electronic business card. For example, you generate a basic QR code on our site say your name, phone number and email address or the name of your company and telephone number. We then can take tha QR code and engrave it with our high powered lasers right onto the face of the ID bracelet stainless steel tag. 

Here is one Application-Your at meeting or out having a drink than someone asks for your card or contact information. You roll up your sleeve, your client pulls out their i-phone, Android or Blackberry and launches the Scan app hits scan, moves the reader over the SportsTagID QR Bracelet ID. Few seconds later,the phone vibrates, and that QR information is now embedded into the history on that phone for later point of contact. Maybe Create your Facebook or linked-in address on a QR code ID wristband. How cool is that!? You can See it work here. Just Scan the QR code on the Yellow bracelet below with your QR reader on your I-phone, Android or Blackberry. Pretty neat huh?

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      “The Coolest Event ID & Promotional Product Around  

Sportstagid Like us on FacebookQR codes are extremely difficult to engrave. We have perfected this technology over many months of R&D. We limit lines of copy for readership for QR coding as the area we are engraving on a defined small area that must be scan able. The important thing to remember is single point of contact or single point of reach. You can add your name, number, website, email, facebook or linkedin contact. Or maybe just your telephone number and email address for just the right amount of information to create a funky cool code thats scans right into your i-phone or Blackberry or android. In a world of hyper links information needs to be not only found quickly but stored quickly. Qr codes do that efficiently. After all it was invented in Japan,an industrialized nation that certainly knows how to manage and process information while delivering affordable technology.If you have not yet seen QR codes you will.  We hope you like what were doing here at SportsTaGID. Satisfaction Guaranteed Enjoy!




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