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Watch for the bike-pure bracelet made by SportsTagID that helps promote drug free sport in the Tour De France.

Our Cycling ID Bracelets are worn by many pros in the tour as trusted cycling ID as well as an emergency medical ID.


Wear The SportsTagID\Bikepure ID Bracelet


Show Your Support-Its True Blue Colour Promotes Clean Sport


  BikePure is an independent, global organization for fans, riders and the cycle trade to join together in a united stance for a new era of positive cycling. We spearhead constructive, structured reform to restore the integrity of cycle sport and create a nurturing environment for future champions to succeed.“We are simply cyclists working for cycling.” Bike Pure aims to protect the integrity of cycling and promote clean cyclesport. 


   bike pure bracelets SPORTSTAGID   Cyclists Working For Cycling     BIKEPURE LOGO PARTNER SPORTSTAGID     As SEEN In The Tour De France    

Bike Pure is committed to redirecting trust to Professional cycle sport. For decades cycling has had a problem with endemic drug use.The cheats have destroyed the public image of cycling. Although the sport is cleaning up,there were over 60 riders caught cheating in 2009 using artificial, performance enhancing methods. Cycling fans worldwide deserve heroes they can believe in: Clean up or clear out. We desire real rider’s that the fans, sponsors and media can have faith in.

HOWWith the aid of our global, talented membership we are proposing structural reform to the system that is failing the next generation of champions.Each member has a forum to let his voice be heard through Bike Pure. We encourage the athletes and teams to adhere to an ‘Honor Code’, declaring that they are opposed to doping in sport and wish to see change that will encourage our sport to flourish. Bike Pure are lobbying for stiffer penalties for doping offenders – 4 year ban minimum and life bans for repeat offenders. It is through the actions and support of our members that we can apply pressure on authorities for these measures to be implicated. We are not naive to think this is a complete solution, but it is an important first element getting the riders who are opposed to doping to join forces with the supporters and lay a foundation to protect the mental and physical health of future champions and the integrity of our wonderful sport. 

Support anti-doping by displaying the Bike- Pure Wristband & Headset Spacer:


Bike-Pure Basic Principles

Preserve the honesty and honour of the cyclist.Respect for fellow competitors and the appreciation of all endeavour To protect the mental and physical health of current and future champions. Upholding the ethics and essence cycle sport.To create a positive environment where an athlete achieve one’s natural, maximum potential. 



A Message from Sportstagid

  SPORTSTAGID ITS MY ID INC TMAs We support bike-pure we have always believed that the majority of professional sports are drug free. That being said it is unfortunate that so much attention is given to the few that our caught breaking the rules and tarnishing the professional image of sports such as cycling. Bike-pure has used cycling as a platform to create awareness for the world of sport. Today just about every professional sport has been affected by a small percentage of athletes using performance enhancing drugs. Sportstagid is constantly sponsoring young athletes every year.

We’re a small company with BIG plans. Please help us achieve our Goals in reaching out to help others. Any donation is much appreciated and will help us continue our plight in reaching out to recognize, Sponsor and supply athletes worldwide in promoting clean sport.

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This Road Bracelet ID will not only protect you but will allow you to share your voice in supporting all athletes in all sports that have worked hard to earn their spot on any professional team.  Let this band be seen as your own piece of social media for supporting a great organization that protects the integrity of all competition. Professional sports need a voice, that voice is us, you and I. We live in a world where social media connects people and countries and can empower one person or the entire world. Its time.


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